In 2021, a total of 13.5 million bicycles were produced in the EU, indicating a 11% increase compared with 2020.

The sold production of bicycles greatly varies among EU Member States for which data are available. The largest number of bicycles produced was reported in Portugal (2.9 million), Romania (2.5 million), Italy (1.9 million), Germany (1.4 million) and Poland (1.2 million).

Cycling promotes personal health and well-being; it is economical and, to the extent that it can replace the use of private cars, helps reducing air pollution.

In 2021, the EU exported €921 million worth of bicycles (both electric and non-electric) to countries outside of the EU, while importing €1 896 million worth of bicycles from outside the EU.

Data for 2021 show that the EU exported 1 487 700 non-electric bicycles, worth €433 million, and imported 5 743 700, worth €1 046 million. Compared with 2020, the number of non-electric bicycles exported increased by 16% in 2021 and imports increased by 17%.

In 2021, 315 800 electric bicycles worth €488 million were exported by the EU. Meanwhile, the EU imported 1 148 600 electric bicycles, worth €849 million, from countries outside of the EU. Compared with 2020, the number of electric bicycles exported increased by 15% in 2021, while imports of electric bicycles increased by 37%.

UK and Switzerland lead destinations for exports
In 2021, the United Kingdom was the main destination for EU exports of non-electric bicycles (30% of the extra-EU total, measured in value), followed by Switzerland (21%), the United States (6%), Norway and Australia (both 5%). Meanwhile, Switzerland and the United Kingdom were also the main destinations for EU exports of electric bicycles (38% and 27% of total extra-EU electric bicycle exports, respectively), followed by Norway (13%) and the United States (8%).

Taiwan the main source of electric bicycle imports
In 2021, imports of non-electric bicycles from non-EU countries came mainly from Cambodia (27% of total extra-EU bicycle imports), Taiwan (26%), China (10%), Bangladesh (8%) and Turkey (5%). Meanwhile, imports of electric bicycles into the EU came primarily from Taiwan (57% of total extra-EU electric bicycle imports), followed by Switzerland (13%), Vietnam (11%), China (7%) and Turkey (6%).